Fleur de Rye




1960’s German Made Floral Couch. $100 OBO. Personally, I’m totally into the floral and it’s in perfect condition so if I had the room I would scoop up this bad boy in a second. If you’re not into the floral, I would buy it anyway for the shape of the couch. So so pretty. Someone please purchase. Like, yesterday.


Wool Rug. $100. Its worth the money just for it being an 8’x10′. Good condition. Purchase.


Woven Pineapple Lamp. $50. The cutest little lamp that I ever did see. It may come with a little road trip (for me at least), but its cute. Real cute. $50 is fair, they’re firm on pricing. If I was in the area I would do it.


Speaking of Orange County! This set of chairs! $599 for the set. Thats just shy of $150 per chair of leather and chrome goodness. If you can lock that down to $500 thats a solid price. Not mad.


And for a solid home redecorating experience, CACTUS !! Pricing starts at $11. Clear the place before I get there.

That is my Craigslist picks for mostly Ventura County. Happy hunting!

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