Fleur de Rye



Because its Saturday morning and you should know about all these things that you can pick up this weekend.


First, THIS COUCH. Its in Santa Barbara, encased in wood, and has the most magical wear on the leather. It’ll cost you $500 (the seller is hard on that) and it makes my couch dreams come true.


Second up, this brass beauty. I love the lines of this full sized bed. Located in Point Mugu and available for pick up. $155 can make your dreams come true. If you don’t want to make the drive, there the same frame is available at the Salvation Army Boutique for $150 and yesterday all furniture was 25% off so that may or may not still be in effect.


Third up, this pretty midcentury coffee table. It’s real nice, but they raised the price from $300 to $350 which is a little odd. They don’t have a maker on the listing which is also weird. So if you can get them down to $250 I would take it. Located in Agoura.

00909_fRAFwt4J03l_600x450    00606_8JwxuRYNgMZ_600x450

I want this lamp. I want it so bad. It’s $499, but man oh man. That brass. Those lines. Swoon.


Last, but not least, I will have to live vicariously through you for this estate sale. Described as a “Mid Century World Traveler” home. This sale looks unbelievably amazing. It goes all weekend up in Ojai 9am-2pm. Do not hesitate to check out the estate sale website for more pictures of what is available.


Happy hunting!


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